IT Management

Information Technology

Information Technology is increasingly complex, with a myriad of products and options. It is a world that requires informed choices – and the best informed people make the best choices.

For over a 2 decades, Highland Technology Services has been supporting government and industry across the range of business and IT issues and needs; we have a remarkable foundation of knowledge and skill. Spanning large-scale, enterprise wide complex architectures to the systems for those environments, we have met and surpassed design/implementation goals and schedules to make the best cost-effective and ROI-centric solutions.

From national work-flow systems, to real-time records management to meet the rigorous needs and requirements of the government (including e-mail as Federal Records), to national and international procurement systems meeting the President’s Management Agenda requirements for e-government, to policy analysis we’ve been there. In defining practical, efficient, and rock-solid approaches to new cyber-security needs, our staff has met our clients’ requirements.

Highland Technology Services brings a wealth of Information Technology management consulting experience to you. In a world of informed choices that experience is the deciding factor in making the best choices in a broad range of operational and functional environments.

Examples of Policy Analysis
OMB Circular A-130 and OMB A-11 Exhibit 300 and Exhibit 53 analysis for Capital Asset Planning of IT investments Organizational programs to bring the organization into full compliance with new or updated regulations and policies Recommendations to implement NARA requirements for electronic records management